Tips for Garage Door Repair – Replacing Glass

If you have kids or there are kids in your neighborhood, you can be sure that you’ll have to think about this sort of garage door repair sooner or later. The good news is that it is very straightforward to fix broken glass in a wooden frame, so you can get things finished quite quickly. But there is one important thing to remember: you must always make sure you wear gloves so you won’t get hurt.Get more Honey Creek Garage Doors

Start outdoors
Start with the loose pieces of glass removed from outside. You may need to use a putty knife to remove the glazing compound around the bottom, to get rid of all the bits. For this end you might also use a tiny chisel. Consider heating it up with a heat gun or a blow drier if that doesn’t work. If none of these methods work, you could add some linseed oil to soften the glazing and let it dry.
Take all the glass out
Once the glazing has softened, all of the pieces of glass should be removed. Check also to remove the remaining putty and paint from the frame. Clean it all up otherwise the new materials would not adhere to the air. If any wood is left bare, you can prime it to protect it from the elements.
Scale helps in fixing garage doors
Measure the opening height and width of the window, and subtract 0.125 inches from each. Then go on to gage the glass’s thickness. Once all of this information is available, just head it to the glass store or home improvement store to get a new plate.
Glass frame
Before you start working, make sure that the primer you applied has dried. To make a thin rope, use glazing compound and press it into the frame. Put the new panel in its place, and push the edges gently. This way you can make sure the glass adheres to the glazing. A putty knife can be used to help. Although you have to apply some pressure, make sure it isn’t too much to stop you breaking the glass.
Closing touches
Ultimately apply some more glazing around the rims. To make it look more attractive, a putty knife kept at an angle will smooth it out. The putty needs about a week to dry full. You can prime the putty like the rest of the wood once this happens, and paint it to match the garage door.
Doing this sort of garage door repair is not rocket science, but note that it can be dangerous to have broken glass lying around so you should make it your number one priority to take care of the problem as soon as possible. The good thing about such projects is that there are visible results, so you’ll feel like a pro in the end even if you’ve never done anything like that before-you ‘re a natural one.