Pizza Delivery – What You Should Know Before Ordering

We are living in an unquestionable period of privilege. We want things, because of a variety of reasons, and we want them yesterday. Pizza delivery is yet another example of an environment where certain clients believe they are entitled to far more than their dollar actually pays for. While it’s definitely not unusual to find diners in a restaurant who believe their personal servant is the waiter, the culture of entitlement is even more apparent among those who order pizza to their homes. Is there anything wrong with making an order? Clearly not! Is there anything wrong with a fair period of time when you demand more than hot food? Hey, it probably is there. Here are a few things you should note before you pick up your phone.Flippers Pizzeria

Have Patience The days of the “30 minutes or less” specials are gone, mostly because of automobile accidents that happened when drivers were doing everything they could to get their pizza delivery out to frustrated customers soon. Yet consumers get irritated regularly when they have to wait until their food arrives. Of course you are entitled to expect good service. You have good reason to be upset when you are stuck waiting for an hour and a half without any warning on the restaurant’s side. But on that, be fair. Cooking food is time consuming even under the best of conditions.

Be Ready to Tip Pizza delivery restaurants usually do not include a tip in your final bill. There is a degree of confusion about this, as all of them apply a surcharge to the bill for consumers wishing to buy their food. Customers then presume the driver will be paid this surcharge. That is not. It goes to cover the vehicles’ wear and tear, the overhead and various other factors involved in running a company. For a tip, add 10 per cent to 15 per cent of the bill to the top, and you’ll have a satisfied driver.

Give them the details they need Not a mind reader is the person who took your order. If you tell them your address but fail to note that there is no imaginable way out of the street to distinguish that address, what do you think will happen? The driver will look around in vain, call you, get another set of wrong directions, and the whole time your food gets cold. If the driver gets your food to you late because of your own shortcomings, don’t take it out of his tip. This is his work, and the way in which the restaurant makes money, not a game. Getting them the details that they need takes very little effort.