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How to properly keep and clean a marble floor

Cleaning marble floors should generally be easy with a little caution of forethought and minimal investment in basic tools. (More on this later) The first thing to do when dealing with any floor cleaning is to determine the source and nature of the soiling. This is very basic and it seems worth noting, but if we get this stage even slightly wrong, there is a chance that the rest of the process will be flawed somehow. Just find out what the dirt is (is this garden soil or garage oil?) and where it comes from (garden, garage, street, or wherever it comes from).If you are looking for more info, Night and Day stone Restoration in Summerlin, NV

Then, based on this information, we can start formulating a plan to address the problem. If we have a greasy and oily dirt on the polished marble floor that is being walked from the neighboring streets into our home or business, then we will have to find the mildest product at our disposal that will immediately get rid of the contamination and be so mild that it will not damage the floor in itself. In this case we would have to use a mildly alkaline detergent that breaks down the dirt but does not damage the floor. It is important to note that regular use of even mild alkaline detergents can undermine the efficacy of any sealers previously applied to the floor and therefore it is best to use them in the mildest concentration that is effective or to find an alternative system for protecting the floor, such as removing shoes, extending the door mat to allow proper shoe cleaning etc.

Daily maintenance on marble floor

There are a variety of basic principles that we usually stick to when working with marble floor maintenance but first we have to describe the distinction between various cleaning and maintenance styles. We would name maintenance daily washing with little water and potentially only a wet clean mop because it is the usual task done by the householder or the cleaning staff.

Deeply white marble tile

Then, when it has been noticed that the marble floor is beginning to look shabby, a periodic or deep clean is. This is done generally with a slightly more aggressive detergent to remove heavy soiling and mild staining. We find it useful to use a professional stripper for deep cleaning but filtered to be softer than would be useful to stripp but still effective enough to extract heavy soil.

Restoration of marble floor

Next is marble floor restore cleaning or renewal. This is usually accomplished by professional professionals who can know all facets of the washing and repair of marble floors. They will be using some more aggressive strippers and cleaners to strip the floor quickly to its natural state. This may also involve the grinding and polishing of diamonds, but will always mean the removal of all old sealers, dirt and contamination before the rest of the finishing process can continue.