Indoor Air Quality – A Closer Look

Are you a housewife? How is it with a parent? If one answer was yes, then I’ve got news for you. Your home’s indoor air quality could put your home and health in jeopardy-particularly if a newborn is in the house. Poor indoor air quality can be the cause of many different things, and far less than desirable effects. The worst thing is, do you realize bad air quality might be a sign of a much bigger problem? Learn more by visiting A-1 Certified Environmental Services, LLC.

Also known as IAQ, indoor air quality can be the cause of several different things. Mold, bacteria, and gas are just a few of the big names that can contaminate your IAQ. These are all dangerous to your health-especially if you have asthma.

The most popular home invader can be called mold. It’s pretty easy to stop, but getting rid of once it’s already in the building can be quite a hassle. Mold can often mean the demolition of whole walls if not taken care of in due time. The frustrating thing about mold is that if it is left untreated the problem will only continue to spread. Not only that but places where you can’t see it are often times! The fungus may cause leaky tubing, humidity, inadequate ventilation, etc. The general idea is that mold is always in any form connected with moisture. This might be because the dry wall wasn’t drying quickly enough or it might be because the structure is falling through cracks due to the moisture. Whatever the cause, only know that mold is NOT something you want in your home. In addition to safety risks, moulds are very prejudicial to the base of a building. Due to excessive mold / moisture the base may become unstable and deteriorate over time everything.

The way to get rid (or remedy) of mold is by first monitoring the indoor air quality. There are infrarot measures that can practically determine where even if not visible to the naked eye, the trouble areas are. If an problem is detected, then remediation procedures are required to get your air quality back to acceptable conditions.

Whether you believe your building can have low IAQ, get your building checked is strongly urged. Things like Carbon Monoxide, Radon, and Mold are not stuff that you would like to have roommates. Have your indoor air quality checked and suggest other preventive maintenance techniques such as dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and duct cleaning to ensure your living space is healthy.