Growing Ageratum Houstonianum

Ageratum houstonianum was first discovered emerging in Mexico, where it admirably tolerates the humid, dry environment, more commonly known as the floss vine. Ageratum is a tender perennial in the United States, because it can not withstand harsh winter conditions. try this web-site Ageratum flower is one of the few annual plants to bear truly blue blooms, but several hybrids are available with purple, green, or lavender blooms.

Beginning with Ageratum Houstonianum To develop Ageratum houstonianum, seeds start indoors eight to ten weeks prior to the last frost hazard. Germination takes place in one to three weeks, if the seeds are permitted to enter light. Make sure they are not coated with dirt, otherwise they will not sprout. When the risk of freeze is finished, introduce hardened-off seedlings into the garden and the soil has warmed up to a workable temperature To achieve the best results, pick a bright planting site with well-drained soil and space plants about 8 inches apart.

Usually, plants caring for Ageratum Houstonianum Ageratum houstonianum are not troubled by rodents or pathogens, while spider mites can become a annoyance in hot weather. It needs daily deadheading to maintain the plants looking their finest. However, certain types are self-cleaning, and may require fewer care. Ageratum flower tolerates dry environments, but does well as the leaves tend to drop as watered. This easy-care plant does not require fertilization and mulching. Within the flower garden it’s biggest asset is its capacity to survive, particularly though overlooked.

Ageratum Houstonianum in the countryside The plant is ideally used for edgings and boundaries, shallow flower beds, containers and even rock gardens or xeriscapes, because of its limited scale. Try combining ageratum with rose begonias, marigolds or celosia flowers for fascinating garden style. Petunia, the ear of the lamb and the blue lobelia tend to fit well with Ageratum houstonianum, too. Start planting annuals and perennials with your pick to figure out what fits best with your garden plans.

Lauri Smallwood is a Little Rock, Arkansas master gardener, freelance journalist, and blogger. She has over 10 years of expertise in developing and growing all kinds of flowers and building special flower gardens for customers. Smallwood can be seen in her free time, growing her own gardens and helping others in their planting puzzles.