Assisted Living Ratings

There are many considerations to weigh before making the choice to move your parents to an supported facility, how far it is from where you stay, what are the expenses, what are the facilities available, what the atmosphere is like, do you and your parents enjoy it or feel secure there and much more. There’s always the responsibility to persuade your parents that this is their only decision and help them deal with the uncertainty and misgivings that surround such a big shift in life. useful source┬áis an excellent resource for this. Which is why assisted living scores play an significant role in helping you find the best home to move in with your loved ones.

It’s prudent to note that this is not a short-term option; if they don’t like the location, or if the facilities are bad, you can’t keep relocating your parents. Before you finally settle on a building, it is better to undertake the full amount of analysis, rather than taking a hasty judgment and trying to reverse it later.

Supported Living Boards will help you make the correct decision. The Gannett News Service , for example, reported that the poorest assisted living nursing facilities were clustered in 12 states, and 83 percent of the abuses happened not in local or government-funded residences, but in country-wide for-profit facilities. And it’s prudent to always weigh in the detail when making a decision.

One of the easiest ways to evaluate homes in your state is to check their scores on the Nursing Home Review page of the Federal Governments. This database allows you to find all the nursing homes in your state or zip code, and then compare and view information about each.

Such evaluations assess assisted living facilities depending on whether they are licensed as Medicare or Medicaid, the health of the occupants, the living spaces provided, the actions and experience of the workers, the state of the residents’ living room, the sanitation of the general area, the selection and nature of the food served, the services provided and the protection and care facilities. It also acknowledges any lawsuits reported against the institution and input from tenants and representatives of their families.