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While weed has long been regarded as an illicit substance, the medical community has now embraced it as an alternative to treat those who suffer from some chronic ailments. Twelve Our states have officially legalized the usage of marijuana. Jayne Recreational and Medical Marijuana Dispensary – Portland-Best Portland Dispensary┬áis an excellent resource for this. Marijuana can now be used in its therapeutic sense, but consuming it only as a substance remains illegal. Medical marijuana has just been allowed to be in use in Colorado for around 2000 years.

The oldest reference of weed in the States was made in 1611 in Jamestown , Virginia, while it was found in China for a long time. This was used in the olden days to combat different illnesses such as labour pains, depression, and spastic symptoms. This substance is a hemp plant extract, which is often referred to as cannabis. This plant’s leaves, roots , and seeds can be burned or transformed into liquids and tablets.

The facts about medicinal marijuana in the USA are that cannabis is listed pursuant to U.S. drug regulations as a category I regulated substance. The implication in that is that the scientific community will not approve it for usage. There are however quite a number of patients claiming to have found relief from symptoms of glaucoma. They have reported to have sought relief from pain by smoking marijuana and even relief from nausea induced by the diagnosis of chemotherapy. Nonetheless, there is little definitive evidence, according to physicians, that smoking marijuana offers any unique advantages above and above licensed drugs that are actually being used to treat patients. The effects of pot, as many have stated, are not yet verified by controlled scientific research, according to doctors.

Its main chemical ingredient is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, with a grey, brown or green color. This medicine has been used for several years in countries such as India, Egypt and China to treat measles, rheumatism, constipation and gout. It was also used during childbirth as an anaesthetic. Cannabis has also been widely used in England as a treatment for depression.

By looking through these articles, one can appreciate the overwhelming reception this product has provided and its success. Chronic ailment drug care is experiencing a transition and you can now see rather a medicinal marijuana pharmacy in various areas of the world and now you can even see medical marijuana physicians as well. For additional info, you may also search the net, or review the yellow pages.